With audiences stuck indoors, traditional forms of advertising just aren’t cutting it. However, audiences have more time than ever to scroll through their social feeds. Because of this, brands are turning their attention to social media, but, as many have realised, it’s not all that easy …COVID-19 has changed the way the world works, and, in return, brands need to know how to leverage social media correctly. amaSocial’s team put together some tips for brands wondering how to get the most out of their posts during the crisis.

Here are five things your brand should be doing on social media during lockdown:

1. Be a force for good

In times of crisis, you don’t want to desert your audiences, but you also don’t want to appear to be insensitive. While you should be active on social media, you certainly shouldn’t be punting your products or services and trying to drive sales. Rather, use your social channels to be a force for good.

As you should always, put your audience first. Use your social platforms to address their needs and concerns. While many brands have taken to social media to share the good they are doing on a large scale (making donations or offering services free of charge), simply sharing messages of support is a good start.

People want to see that you care about more than just turning a profit.

2. Keep it real

Money is tight. Audiences aren’t expecting professionally-designed graphics and studio-quality videos. They’re happy to see homegrown content that they can relate to. So, ditch the overly-processed, polished look and share the things that people can connect with.

The struggles of working from home, having virtual meetings and finding the perfect pair of ‘office pajamas’ are things that everyone can relate to right now. Million-dollar sets, props and models are so far from reality right now.

Save your money and keep your content raw and real.

3. Be interactive

Right now, everyone is craving some kind of connection. So, why not give the people what they want — interact with them!

Try out a TikTok brand challenge, go Live on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube. Now’s the time to test out something new, especially since audiences aren’t expecting it to be perfect.

An important part of being interactive is engaging with your audiences. But, that doesn’t only mean responding to their posts on your content! Show them that you’re invested in their content too – give shoutouts to top fans, share their content and engage with them on their profiles too.

4. Know where your customers are

You might know the platforms your customers usually spend time on, but these are unusual times. This means that you’ll likely see some shifts in the platforms customers are using, as well as changes in the times they use the apps.

For example, since lockdown began and people have been isolated from one another, messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger have increased in usage, and video chat apps like Zoom, Houseparty and TikTok have spiked.

Take some time to re-evaluate where your customers actually are, or else you run the risk of missing out on vital engagement opportunities.

5. Get creative

Since we’re in such uncertain times, why not shake things up a little? Get creative with what you’re sharing on social media — this is no time to stick to the usual plan of action.

The advent of the Coronavirus and the subsequent lockdown in South Africa have levelled the playfields for brands. Since no one can produce content in the office, it doesn’t matter what production equipment your agency has — or doesn’t have. Everything is being produced in-house — literally.

Now is the time to test out anything and everything you’ve ever wanted to try. Filters, GIFs, augmented reality, virtual reality and anything else you can think of it. Let your creativity run wild!

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Source: https://www.mediaupdate.co.za/social/148465/five-things-your-brand-should-be-doing-on-social-media-during-lockdown