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“The first step of service has to be exceptional.”
Co-Founder of the Ritz-Carlton and author Horst Schulze

In an industry saturated with trends, hashtags and noise, that is where Two Edged Media cuts through.

Jos`e Nadesan, owner and creative, launched this values-driven company in 2019 with a people-centric culture. His is a unique approach to digital marketing where hits and shares are royalty.

For Two Edged Media, it is not about another sale, launch or benchmark. It is about leading with value in connecting people with people. That is where Two Edged Media packs a one-two punch.

And that is where it stands out.

Jos`e should know; he has never been able to fit in either.

In the year 2012, at a time he should have been enjoying a career lift-off, life changing events unfolded that shifted Jos’e’s attitude towards business forever.

After qualifying with a Marketing Management and Media Communication Degree from UKZN, Jos`e began working for a Durban-based company. He had only been there for a few months when he began experiencing health issues. He was having trouble seeing in his right eye. Doctors told him that he had a serious condition and that if left untreated, it would lead to permanent blindness.

After three surgeries over eight months, Jos`e’s vision stabilised. He had to accept though that he now had to live with a permanent percentage of vision loss.

Just when he thought he had gotten over one hurdle, another was on the way. His employer announced it could no longer afford to keep him due to restructuring. He was to be retrenched.

Jos`e later joined the Netcare Alberlito MANCO team in Ballito and drove the brand and marketing strategy at the JSE listed multinational Netcare Group. The standard of his work surpassed the expectations of his managers. Even the group’s bigwigs had started noticing the quality of his work.

Through the mentorship of Sara Nayager, Jos’e had been recognised by the provincial director at the time, Ian Goble, as a forerunner in the private healthcare sector which led to colleagues from the Eastern and Western Capes calling on him for advice and solutions. Jos’e saw a need for more measurable marketing implementations and this led to him using demographic statistics to activate various marketing projects.

Jos’e was noticed by Ahmed Al-Kadi Private Hospital and invited to apply for its marketing post in 2016. He established the marketing footprint of the facility: a brand new, modern, private healthcare company.

In just 18 months, its Facebook followers ballooned under his growth plan from 500 to 9800. He initiated and established over 112 partnership relationships and also grew the customer referral base by negotiating and securing a long term partnership with the Durban Independent Practitioners Association.

Despite charting the strategic vision for the new brand, Jos`e found himself at a crossroads again. He was retrenched in early 2019 for operational reasons.

As he began searching for a new career path, he started seeing his job loss as less of a setback and more of an opportunity.

April 2019 is when Two Edged Media was born.

After years of networking and relationship building, Jos’e understood the importance of maintaining these connections in business. He approached the company he had worked for back in 2012, the one that retrenched him and secured it on a retainer to handle all its digital marketing.

Since then, Jos`e’s entrepreneurial’s efforts began to bear fruit.

Two Edged Media’s packages and offerings are geared towards businesses that are often overlooked by big agencies.

It is a company built by a visionary who places relationships at the core of his business, growing new ones and delivering on promises through excellence.

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